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Vehicle Overview

The 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV has a healthy driving style, and it rarely feels even a little bit heavy (sometimes hybrids are overweight due to the weight of the batteries). There are also many driving modes including a Save mode to save the batteries, a Charge mode to charge the cells, and an Eco Mode to limit the utilization of the engine. Therefore, you will cherish the opportunity to drive this Outlander on the roads around your town.

Exterior - Mitsubishi Outlander Dealership Test Drives

On the road, nothing to report in particular, the Outlander has a very stylish appearance. Also, the Outlander PHEV abandons its shade called "ice blue" (which was in fact rarely used). In short, this automobile no longer looks like the other cars on the road.

Interior - Schedule Your 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Test Drive

The cabin is impressive, the sits are comfortable, and the rear seats are welcoming. Also, any way you look at it, however, this automobile is reliable, and we appreciate the ability to maneuver the car quickly as a result of a highly responsive steering wheel. Remember, a brief test drive is enough to notice that when it comes to the level of the soundproofing, the mission of an improved experience is fulfilled.

Thornton CO - 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV's Interior

To stay in the race in a competition that becomes even harder (witness the tests of BMW 225xe Active Tourer and 330 that have appeared in the media), the Outlander PHEV is getting a makeover. On the other hand, the makeover of the Outlander PHEV is nothing serious as this car already has a stunning level of equipment and functionality. You should, therefore, take advantage of the current price, which is very competitive for the category.

Therefore, you should hurry up and buy this car today. Hybrids are on the rise. Remember, this new car also has a completely revised engine. The most significant developments on this Outlander PHEV are therefore under the hood, with a complete redesign of the powertrain.

Mechanical / Powertrain - Outlander Information

However, let's go back to the energy recovery system. The energy recovery system is beefy and able to save a great deal of gas while you are driving. On motorways, the internal combustion engine is never noisy, but its consumption depends significantly on the terrain and the charging mode chosen, which requires a certain amount of familiarity on the part of the driver. For example, forcing the internal combustion engine to recharge the batteries will increase the gas consumption.

Also, the vehicle has an all-wheel-drive derived from the Lancer Evolution with a 55/45 weight distribution. Finally, regarding fuel consumption, with the battery discharged, you will find it useful for urban driving, and also on the motorway. I am so won over by the sophistication of the electric propulsion mode that I almost forgot to detail the mechanics of the combustion engine. Moreover, you might want to phone up Skyline Mitsubishi in Thornton Colorado, a motor vehicle dealer serving Boulder Denver Thornton.

Available in 100% electric, serial or 100% parallel electric, serial hybrid or parallel hybrid operation, the Outlander PHEV offers three main operating modes with the primary objective of optimizing driving with the electric driving functionality. These issues were not a problem on the primary, non-hybrid Outlander, and therefore it was less expensive. On the other hand, for the plug-in hybrid version, something bigger was needed to give the customer the feeling that he was getting value for his money.

The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV's concept of limiting the use of the internal combustion engine for long journeys and maximizing electric driving is the technological carrot they will use to win over some new consumers. This car is also a delight to the eardrums because of its soundproofing. These choices can nevertheless be defended because contrary to the integrated systems proposed by rival manufacturers, the Outlander PHEV's equipment is excellent and the car works well.

Where conventional hybrids have only two or three miles of autonomy on the electric mode, here the batteries have shown a range of more than twenty miles, not bad at all. As a corollary, the Outlander has gained a little weight. In concrete terms, the parallel hybrid mode is preferred when driving on motorways.

Today, the brand presents its new SUV Hybrid Outlander PHEV via an original driving style that is accessible to all. It's also even better when it comes to driving, with a reduced fuel consumption rate, which makes it possible to envisage the national roads or even the motorways without forcing too much. On highways, the Outlander PHEV is also very pleasant to drive.

Safety - Request a Personalized Mitsubishi Test Drive

The 360° camera, on the other hand, is also new. This Outlander PHEV also has a safety feature that prevents sudden acceleration. If you're in reverse or moving at reduced speed, and your foot accidentally slips on the accelerator, well, the Outlander warns you with a signal if it detects an object or a nearby presence, and goes so far as to reduce torque to minimize any possible impact. It also comes with various driving aids such as the line crossing detector, which is useful.


In addition to all I have stated previously, you might like to give a call to Skyline Mitsubishi in Thornton Colorado, an automotive company serving Boulder Denver Thornton, to learn more about this awesome Outlander PHEV.

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