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Colorado - 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport

Model Overview

This 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport shows apparent progress from the 2017 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport, with new mechanical improvements, and improved comfort among its many qualities. If the appearance does not bring the sex appeal of some competitors, it turns out to be one of the most fun SUVs to drive, and Mitsubishi hopes that the Outlander will be a model that will renew their brand. Also, it is unfortunate that the lukewarm success reserved for the other models of the range seems to limit the brand.

But these setbacks are not a fatality for the Japanese manufacturer, and they determined to move forward. Design, technology, engine, everything is reviewed from top to bottom, like a particular Mazda who has also chosen to revive through an SUV, the CX-5. The first step of the renewal, the launch of the new Outlander.

Prejudice is harsh: in the minds of the public, the name of Mitsubishi remains unmistakably linked to the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution. The 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport is a mid-size SUV according to international standards and has already sold nearly one million copies worldwide since 2001.

Differences of the New vs. Old Model - Exterior

We leave you alone to judge the result of the update from the 2017 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport, but overall it is not ultimately unpleasant to look at, and it follows the current trend of SUVs. It is nice to have examined this automobile from every angle, but the fact remains that the new Outlander is impressive with its style. As much as the old was all sharp angles and dynamism, the newcomer seems almost to reconnect with a bio-design, if we compare models, and it was fortunately brought up to date.

Colorado - 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport's Interior

Differences of the New vs. Old Model - Interior

If we compare models, we see that this automobile has a comfortable and spacious trunk, generous storage space, its easy-to-fold third row, a plethora of equipment, etc. Another subject of astonishment: the area on board. Often criticized for its inferior quality plastics and sometimes irregular elements, the Japanese brand has worked hard and delivers a high-quality improvement. But if the interior design changes, it is especially at the level of finishing that the most significant revolution takes place.

Inside, Mitsubishi also decided to break completely with the style of the previous Outlander. One new addition: a multimedia system and one flanked by a GPS with excellent graphics. The lower part of the cockpit is adorned with high-quality plastics, and the Outlander's finish exudes quality and seriousness. The chosen plastics seem robust and allow one to hope for lasting quality. Fortunately, the display is also very well integrated and unusually beautiful.

Again, the result may divide consumers, but we must recognize that the Japanese have been able to renew their interior style by proposing this time a console in the extension of the dashboard and regrouping the GPS and the climate controls. As a result, it is delightful to ride aboard this automobile, especially as the size remains almost identical and the comfort progresses. Remember, if you wish to purchase this car, get it from Skyline Mitsubishi, your reliable dealership in Thornton Colorado and serving Thornton Denver Boulder.

Differences of the New vs. Old Model - Mechanical

The 4WD Auto position always keeps a minimum of torque on the rear wheels and continuously manages the distribution between the front and rear trains. The four-wheel drive also obviously guarantees exceptional traction. At the crossroads between an SUV and a station wagon, you may wonder, "Is the Outlander an off-roader?".

Far from being unpleasant, this 4x4 will not have a hard time getting sales off the ground. The Outlander is already looking into the future with a plug-in hybrid version (to be recharged at home). More lively, less inert, it also requires fewer suspensions which suddenly are now more comfortable without there being additional roll.

Not to mention the loading height is just right. No laziness of the running gear, the Outlander seems light and displays a unique balance. Curiously, the manufacturer puts forward the abandonment of the refined but complex system MIVEC variable timing of distribution which was the pride of the ASX.

The ergonomics of the sequential controls of the BVA are also exemplary, and it does encourage its use. Mounted high off the ground, the occupants have excellent visibility and plenty of room. The torque is also correct, with 360 Nm from 1,500 rpm.

The Mitsubishi is based on a 4-wheel independent suspension, with McPherson legs at the front and a multi-link system at the rear. For its part, the all-wheel drive is reassuring at all times. Healthy and well balanced, the Outlander behaves well. Finally, the 4WD Lock mode distributes the torque 50/50 when needed, especially on steep terrain.

Also, by using heavy-duty steels extensively and tracking the weight of the rear seats to the transmission through the sheet metal panels, the result of more stability has been achieved. In addition to a mechanical brilliance, the benefits of this scheme are also found in the road behavior of the Outlander.

Differences of the New vs. Old Model - Safety

The manufacturer has also invested heavily in safety with high-quality equipment, namely adaptive cruise control, reversing camera, line crossing warning, and Xenon headlamps. Keep in mind, if you would like to buy this automobile, why not obtain it from Skyline Mitsubishi, a car dealer in Thornton Colorado as well as serving Thornton Denver Boulder.

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