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2018 Mitsubishi Mirage Trim Levels Thornton CO

The 2018 Mitsubishi Mirage expresses itself best in the city and its suburbs. The handling remains controlled in almost all situations, the car offers a spirited driving style, and the braking is excellent as well. The level of comfort is also rather good provided you do not opt to push it too hard. Nevertheless, regarding the cabin, the 2018 Mitsubishi Mirage is an excellent car with fabulous furnishings, and it is dominated by high-quality plastics.

This automobile is also very flexible. It also offers a reasonable level of comfort, even better than some of its competitors who tend to jolt their occupants when driving on a degraded road. The optional CVT, with a continuously variable transmission, also works particularly well and reacts vividly without unnecessarily propelling the engine into higher revs, at least if you do not accelerate fully. But the arrival of a new transmission also gives a spotlight to the Mitsubishi Mirage.

Being in digital form, the fuel gauge is easy to use. Affordable, this new Mitsubishi is marketed as an entry-level automobile. As far as CO2 is concerned, it also has unusually low emissions.

Like its ancestor, it highlights its reduced consumption and its reasonable price. There is nothing to complain about due to the staging of the gearbox, and the gearshift seems very responsive given the relatively generous power of this small engine. And on this particular point, this little Mitsubishi makes everyone agree. This power is in any case what the Japanese manufacturer intends to demonstrate with this car, at least in the many markets where Mitsubishi is present.

Base Model

The driving position is entirely correct for this segment despite the absence of adjustment in the depth of the steering column. On the other hand, Mitsubishi has bet on dimensions of lilliputian, and we can not say that the builder took significant risks when it came to the question of style. On the other hand, the benefits to the driver are a better feeling of handling and less consumption.

By designing the automobile around a single small 3-cylinder gasoline motor, they have achieved one of the lightest and most aerodynamic cars in its segment. Everything is new since the designers of the automobile started from a blank sheet. At the wheel of the Mitsubishi Mirage, visibility is also excellent.

Its acceleration is accompanied by sustained vibrations, and the gears are smooth to use even with a low level of torque. With the rear bench folded, its volume is exceedingly generous. As you can see, the Mitsubishi Mirage does not look like the Fiat 500 or the Mini Cooper.

On the other hand, we can also compare this automobile to the versatile city-cars of its segment. However, this is one automobile that can, without pretension, be proud to offer the benefits that are asked of a city car. And if the Mitsubishi Mirage does not impress the world by his physique, it surprises on the other hand, by its low fuel usage.

Thornton CO - 2018 Mitsubishi Mirage Trim Level Information

Given its size, the cabin and volume of the trunk are remarkable. Comparable to the Nissan Micra made in India, the Mirage is aimed at city dwellers. If the name of Mitsubishi evokes more the universe of the 4×4 and SUV than that of the city cars, the presence of this manufacturer in this segment is however not new since the first generation of this type of car goes back to the 60s.

And if you are tired of shifting gears, the CVT (automatic) is also available as an option. This automobile has also entered into frontal competition with its rivals, and it offers more equipment than they do. Also, this recent facelift makes this little city car very pleasant.

Under normal conditions, the average fuel use is also remarkable for a gasoline engine. The lights are cut like a diamond, and the LED daytime lights underline the eyes of this automobile. The behavior is stable, not clumsy, and this automobile does not suffer from rough handling.

The Mitsubishi Mirage is, therefore, the result of extensive work in aerodynamics and weight reduction. Also, thanks to a few details such as low rolling resistance tires and a start & stop, it keeps its promises of low fuel consumption. It must be said that the staggering of the gearbox on the first three reports, helps the driving.

The trunk volume is also rather generous for the category. The grip of the vehicle is fast, and its maneuverability is noticeable. With the Mitsubishi Mirage, Mitsubishi wishes to remind us of these fundamentals, and their aim from the start of the project was to design the cleanest and most economical car possible without resorting to expensive technologies. On the CVT version, it is also equipped with a Hill Start Assist (HSA) that automatically maintains the braking force for two seconds after releasing the brake pedal.

The SE Trim Level

Also, the Mitsubishi Mirage with the SE Trim Level has a proximity key and a button start mechanism. Moreover, to understand more in regards to this majestic vehicle it is advisable to communicate with the affable personnel at Skyline Mitsubishi, in Thornton Colorado and serving Denver Boulder Thornton.

The GT Trim Level

The GT comes with heated seats for the front row and bigger tires.


To discover more about this fabulous automobile you ought to converse with the friendly employees at Skyline Mitsubishi, in Thornton Colorado and serving Denver Boulder Thornton.

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