2018 Mitsubishi Mirage G4 Exterior

2018 Mitsubishi Mirage G4 Denver CO

If you have a playful heart and thrifty spirit, you'll love the 2018 Mitsubishi Mirage G4. It's truly a model that will allow you to take a walk on the wild side without having regrets. The 2018 Mitsubishi Mirage G4 near Denver is a car that people describe using terms like urban, adventurous, cool, cute and so on. The best part about it is that its compact size does not detract from it technological offerings in the least. You can purchase this vehicle from the Mitsubishi dealer serving Thorton Denver Colorado today and reap the benefits of innovative tech, safety features and fuel efficiency. The Mitsubishi dealer serving Thorton Denver Colorado can explain more details to you, but here are some of the most crucial things you will want to know:

2018 Mitsubishi Mirage G4 Interior

The interior of the vehicle is the heart of it because it's where you will spend all of your time. For that reason, you want something that feels just like home. This Mitsubishi interior accomplishes that by giving you special features that take your relaxation level to staggering heights. Additionally, you get the convenience factor that everybody craves and loves. These feature-packed models offer accommodations such as push-button starting, automatic climate control, heated front seats and a whopping 47+ cubic feet of cargo room if you know how to work the seats. This car will tickle your comfort zone and challenge you to spend as much time in the vehicle as you possibly can whethe you're near Denver or far from it.

2018 Mitsubishi Mirage G4 Exterior

The exterior is the second most important part of the vehicle because it affects the way other people perceive you. The 2018 Mitsubishi Mirage G4 near Denver is definitely something boastful and fun. Its playful body invites drivers of all ages, but its mature grille let's them know it's a sophisticated piece of machinery. The exterior has a youthful appeal with precision cut edges in all the right places. Some of the colors that you will be privy to are colors like the ultra-cool Sapphire Blue Metallic, tantalizing Infrared Metallic, energetic Sunrise Orange Metallic and relaxing Wine Red Metallic. You will definitely feel some strong emotions inside of this car. It has options for every type of personality and lifestyle.

2018 Mitsubishi Mirage G4 Interior

2018 Mitsubishi Mirage G4 Near Denver Mechanical

Nowadays, your car needs to be heavy on the technology to keep your passengers wanting to travel with you more. If you're looking for toys, the Mirage has lots of them. You and your passengers can jam hard with the Rockford Fosgate ecoPUNCH systems. There's a reason why the emphasis is on the punch. This system offers a whopping 300 watts of pure sound perfection all while maintaining battery efficiency. If you need to go wireless near Denver, you can always take advantage of the Bluetooth Wireless technology. Another thing that you'll appreciate is the SmartScreen technology. The 6.5 touchscreen display is your base station for power apps like Android Auto, Apple Carplay, Navigation and more. Need to watch a movie? No problem. You can use the screen for entertainment purposes, as well. In fact, there isn't much that you can't do with the display except cook yourself dinner.

Mirage G4 Powertrain

You're probably wondering how such a small package could possibly deliver any punch. The answer is the .2L MIVEC DOHC 12-valve 3-cylinder coupled with the continuously variable transmission. They work together to ensure that you get a punchy but fuel-efficient ride as well as a smooth trip. In addition to all of those positive features, you can surely save on fuel costs. Visit a Denver area Mitsubishi dealer for additional information about this.

Mirage G4 Safety Features

Manufacturers are starting to go above and beyond greatness when it comes to incorporating safety features into their projects. The Mirage has a multitude of features that work together for the greater good of the drivers and the other people on the road. Some of the most protective features that you will have access to in this model are features like the Active Stability Control and Rear View Camera. Additionally, the unit comes with seven airbags, which is more than one for every person that can fit in the vehicle. Active Stability Control is a smart feature that knows how to distribute stability to the tires that will be the most productive with it. Many more safety features exist. The headlights are even crafted for safety. The salesperson at Skyline Mitsubishi serving Thorton Denver Colorado can take you through all of those wonderful aspects.


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