Responsible car owners know to keep tabs on all parts that help keep the car running. Among the essential components is the battery. When it reaches the end of a lifespan, a battery isn’t always reliable. And no matter how old one might be, extreme weather can cause a battery to falter.

Most people are well aware that cold weather can cause a battery to die out. They might not realize, however, that hot weather does, too. When the weather becomes scorching, heat can cause problems. If the battery doesn’t work during the summer for some reason, the temperature itself might be the explanation.

Temperature-related problems happened to old and new batteries alike, but chances are older batteries suffer more. How old is your battery? Find out and determine if you need a new one.

Is it now time for a new battery? If so, come by Skyline Mitsubishi in Thornton, CO, visit the service department, and ask about getting a reliable, high-performance one.

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