The Covid-19 threat has forced many people to stay at home and become DIY individuals. Changing the oil is one task many vehicle owners have been forced or chose to do on their own. While changing the oil and oil filter may not be that hard, it’s important to know what type of motor oil to use in your vehicle. Of most importance is the motor oil viscosity ratings. Come to Skyline Mitsubishi to get information on how to understand the ratings.

The two numbers on the rating indicate how the motor oil protects the engine in hot weather or cold weather. In a motor oil rated at 5W-30, the oil will run thinner and protect your engine better in cool temperatures. In an oil rated 10W-30, the oil will run thicker in cool temperatures but also protect your engine better in warm temperatures.

Whether you’re in the market for motor oil or are in need of an oil change, we can help. Stop at our dealership in Thornton, CO so we can service your vehicle with the right type of motor oil.

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