Touching Up Paint on Your Car

Using touch up paint when you get a scratch requires some special steps. Make sure your paint matches the paint that is already on the car. You can find the color code by looking at the VIN number, or firewall. It might be found on the radiator core support or the owner’s manual. It is also possible to get it online.

To repair a light scratch, prepare the surface by cleaning it with soap and water. Then use sandpaper that is 220 grit or higher. Scuff the paint around the scratch. Sand it lightly and use the garden hose to clean it. Use the instructions on the paint to mix it, then just apply the paint with something like a small paintbrush or end of toothpick just to touch up the spot.

For deeper scratches, you need to clean the surface again. Take the rust off of the scratch and use the sandpaper-like before and use water to clean it. Allow it to dry, and then on the bare metal, put the primer on. Make sure it dries. Use sandpaper that is 600 or higher to smooth around the primer. Follow the directions for mixing and applying the paint. It will take 24 hours for it to harden, and then 2-3 days for it to fully cure.

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