Stay Safe With The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross is a durable and reliable crossover vehicle. This is essentially a smaller SUV that has a lot of interior room along with superior traction for driving in poor conditions. The designers at Mitsubishi incorporated several safety features into the Eclipse Cross.

Backing up out of a parking spot is more dangerous than many people realize. A lot of accidents occur in parking lots. The Eclipse Cross is equipped with rear cross-traffic alert to make backing up out of parking safer. Sensors scan for traffic in the parking lane. If a vehicle is detected, you get an alert until the way is clear.

The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross also provides safety through its lane departure warning feature. If you don't put on your turn signal, the system will sound an alert if you get out of your lane. This helps to prevent sideswipe collisions and frontal collisions.

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