Auto-Dimming Technologies can Help in Various Ways

Car making experts recognize that keeping driver eyes on roadways and free of obstructions is key to safety. To this end, many carmakers produce technologies such as heads-up displays, audio alarms, and other awareness boosters. That said, another tool that goes far in this department is called the auto-dimming surface.

Most auto-dimming surfaces appear in rearview mirrors. These systems generally work with a combination of sensors, microprocessors, electrical connections, and light-sensitive gels. Sensors can accumulate data from incoming light, and the microprocessors can interpret this information. The processors can then send special signals to the gels that can darken in response to light levels, thus dimming images and helping driver vision.

In addition to auto-dimming rearview mirrors, some vehicles now include auto-dimming side-view mirrors. They work along the same lines as the rearview variety, but they help to block high beams from passenger and driver side-view mirrors. The addition of these technologies can boost driver awareness to higher levels.

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