Test Drive 2018 Mitsubishi Mirage Thornton CO

Vehicle Overview

Mitsubishi Mirage is the sixth generation Japanese vehicle manufactured by Mitsubishi Motors. The latest model of 2018 Mitsubishi Mirage comes with a broader range of configurations which brings out the best taste to a consumer. The vehicles got fitted with modem features ranging from entertainment, safety, comfy to the sleek, advanced body design.

The vehicles are available in three trims; ES, SE, and GT. These ranges of trims bring out a varied interest of different customers to the desired car. A vehicle is a good option for car buyers as it is pocket-friendly with high-value. It's relatively small with a hatchback, providing a luggage area such as groceries and shopping bags. The vehicle comes with standard features which include a 7" touchscreen monitor, Bluetooth, USB port and a rearview camera.


The 2018 model comes in eight different colors; starlight silver metallic, pearl white, wine red, sunrise orange, infrared metallic, mercury gray, mystic black and sapphire blue. The body is metallic with a color spray covering the metal sheet suitable for the consumer style. The car has alloy wheels with polished rims, standard halogen headlights and LED rear combination taillights.

The vehicle is 59.1" in height, 148.8" in length and a width of 65.6". It has MacPherson strut front suspensions and rear suspensions for Torsion Beam. Again, the car has standard high amount rear stop light, Color-keyed folding side mirrors; door handles, front and back car bumpers. It still has standard front windshield variable intermittent wipers, short pole antenna, and temporary spare tire, door sash blackout and a chrome accent.

The car has a subcompact body design which is a Mitsubishi make where a consumer can get it in Thornton Colorado. When you visit Thornton Mitsubishi store, the body of the car itself will give you a taste of having a test drive.


Though small, the model has enough interior room for you and your passengers. The new comfy seats and a fully customized entertainment system give the car a fantastic interior appearance. The SE and GT trims have a 6.5" touchscreen display audio system while the ES has a 7" monitor. The vehicle comes with a heated seats and a Bluetooth wireless technology for music and video audios.

It has four all-weather floor mats and carpets portfolio for all consumers. The car has the latest Apple CarPlay and automatic android connectivity which improve the entertainment ability of the new model. It has an electric door lock, first and second-row curtains and air conditioner system is a given trim. The vehicle offers a five-seat capacity with adequate space for all the passengers.

In the is a modification of a 2012 year make model and for consumers in Thornton Colorado, you can schedule your test drive today in our showroom and experience an extraordinary interior of this modern car. Down at Thornton Mitsubishi, the dealership services gives Colorado residents a new feeling of these small vehicles which guarantee good results.

Test Drive 2018 Mitsubishi Mirage Thornton CO

Mechanical / Powertrain

With its small body size, the mirage is the most fuel-efficient car on the market being the best fuel economy vehicle today. With a drivetrain of FDW and an engine horsepower of 78hp at 6000RPM, the car produces enough power to meander through highways and roads effectively. The engine is 1.2 liters, and the vehicle has a file tank capacity of 9.2 gallons. It has an electronic ignition type, a transverse engine orientation, MIVEC valve control, one stainless steel exhaust and a front wheel drive.

The uses regular unleaded fuel, 5-speed w/OD and a 2-speed CVT w/OD, twelve engine valves and an I-3 engine type. With all these, the engine is capable of undertaking full transmissions enabling the ease of control of the car. The car steering is rack-and-pinion type which has electric power assistant when turning the car while driving. As a new model, the car ignition system remains electrically managed to enable the consumer to drivea vehicle which has total efficacy while driving.


In the latest 2018 car, the mirage passed some tests to ensure that the safety of the driver, passengers and the goods ferried remain fit. The manufacturer assured that with sufficient safety measure fixed in the car, the vehicles consumers are safe throughout the drive.

The car has a hill start assist, tire pressure monitoring system, antilock brakes with electronic support, active stability control, safety airbags at the side curtains, driver's knees, and front which are all sensor enabled, three-point seatbelts at any sitting position, child door safety, RISE body construction.

The 2018 Mitsubishi mirage guarantees safety equipment which got more advanced and passed all the safety tests conducted. Conduct a personalized test drive in Thornton Colorado and experience the new face of this latest car generations.

In conclusion, 2018 model vehicles come with mind-blowing features and performance at an affordable cost. It thus saves a lot of money as it has a low fuel consumption rate on the road and off the road compared to other related car class. The car has a proper meandering capability as its small hence can move through tiny streets and navigate sharp corners easily.

The vehicle has good braking traction system which can bring the car to a halt so quickly during emergency stops. The safety measures such as the seven airbags and the rear cameras make it safe for driving. There is enough room for a package of luggage, and the seating capacity is suitable for a family trip. The modern entertainment systems and the stylish of the car make it much so much admirable for you.

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